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Freight 1

Definition: That with which anything in fraught or laden for transportation; lading; cargo, especially of a ship, or a car on a railroad, etc.; as, a freight of cotton; a full freight.

Freight 2

Definition: The sum paid by a party hiring a ship or part of a ship for the use of what is thus hired.

Freight 3

Definition: The price paid a common carrier for the carriage of goods.

Freight 4

Definition: Freight transportation, or freight line.

Freight 5

Definition: Employed in the transportation of freight; having to do with freight; as, a freight car.

Freight 6

Definition: To load with goods, as a ship, or vehicle of any kind, for transporting them from one place to another; to furnish with freight; as, to freight a ship; to freight a car.

freight 7

Definition: transporting goods commercially at rates cheaper than express rates

freight 8

Definition: goods carried by a large vehicle

freight 9

Definition: the charge for transporting something by common carrier; "we pay the freight"; "the freight rate is usually cheaper"

freight 10

Definition: load with goods for transportation

freight 11

Definition: transport commercially as cargo


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