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Flat 1

Definition: Having an even and horizontal surface, or nearly so, without prominences or depressions; level without inclination; plane.

Flat 2

Definition: Lying at full length, or spread out, upon the ground; level with the ground or earth; prostrate; as, to lie flat on the ground; hence, fallen; laid low; ruined; destroyed.

Flat 3

Definition: Wanting relief; destitute of variety; without points of prominence and striking interest.

Flat 4

Definition: Tasteless; stale; vapid; insipid; dead; as, fruit or drink flat to the taste.

Flat 5

Definition: Unanimated; dull; uninteresting; without point or spirit; monotonous; as, a flat speech or composition.

Flat 6

Definition: Lacking liveliness of commercial exchange and dealings; depressed; dull; as, the market is flat.

Flat 7

Definition: Clear; unmistakable; peremptory; absolute; positive; downright.

Flat 8

Definition: Below the true pitch; hence, as applied to intervals, minor, or lower by a half step; as, a flat seventh; A flat.

Flat 9

Definition: Not sharp or shrill; not acute; as, a flat sound.

Flat 10

Definition: Sonant; vocal; applied to any one of the sonant or vocal consonants, as distinguished from a nonsonant (or sharp) consonant.

Flat 11

Definition: In a flat manner; directly; flatly.

Flat 12

Definition: Without allowance for accrued interest.

Flat 13

Definition: A level surface, without elevation, relief, or prominences; an extended plain; specifically, in the United States, a level tract along the along the banks of a river; as, the Mohawk Flats.

Flat 14

Definition: A level tract lying at little depth below the surface of water, or alternately covered and left bare by the tide; a shoal; a shallow; a strand.

Flat 15

Definition: Something broad and flat in form

Flat 16

Definition: A flat-bottomed boat, without keel, and of small draught.

Flat 17

Definition: A straw hat, broad-brimmed and low-crowned.

Flat 18

Definition: A car without a roof, the body of which is a platform without sides; a platform car.

Flat 19

Definition: A platform on wheel, upon which emblematic designs, etc., are carried in processions.

Flat 20

Definition: The flat part, or side, of anything; as, the broad side of a blade, as distinguished from its edge.

Flat 21

Definition: A floor, loft, or story in a building; especially, a floor of a house, which forms a complete residence in itself.

Flat 22

Definition: A horizontal vein or ore deposit auxiliary to a main vein; also, any horizontal portion of a vein not elsewhere horizontal.

Flat 23

Definition: A dull fellow; a simpleton; a numskull.

Flat 24

Definition: A character before a note, indicating a tone which is a half step or semitone lower.

Flat 25

Definition: A homaloid space or extension.

Flat 26

Definition: To make flat; to flatten; to level.

Flat 27

Definition: To render dull, insipid, or spiritless; to depress.

Flat 28

Definition: To depress in tone, as a musical note; especially, to lower in pitch by half a tone.

Flat 29

Definition: To become flat, or flattened; to sink or fall to an even surface.

Flat 30

Definition: To fall form the pitch.

flat 31

Definition: a suite of rooms usually on one floor of an apartment house

flat 32

Definition: scenery consisting of a wooden frame covered with painted canvas; part of a stage setting

flat 33

Definition: a deflated pneumatic tire

flat 34

Definition: a shallow box in which seedlings are started

flat 35

Definition: freight car without permanent sides or roof

flat 36

Definition: a musical notation indicating one half step lower than the note named

flat 37

Definition: a level tract of land

flat 38

Definition: lacking variety in shading; "a flat unshaded painting"

flat 39

Definition: not reflecting light; not glossy; "flat wall paint"; "a photograph with a matte finish"

flat 40

Definition: (of a tire) completely or partially deflated

flat 41

Definition: having no depth or thickness

flat 42

Definition: lacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth; "a film with two-dimensional characters"; "a flat two-dimensional painting"

flat 43

Definition: having a horizontal surface in which no part is higher or lower than another; "a flat desk"; "acres of level farmland"; "a plane surface"

flat 44

Definition: lacking contrast or shading between tones

flat 45

Definition: without pleats

flat 46

Definition: parallel to the ground; "a flat roof"

flat 47

Definition: stretched out and lying at full length along the ground; "found himself lying flat on the floor"

flat 48

Definition: not made with leavening; "most flat breads are made from unleavened dough"

flat 49

Definition: lowered in pitch by one chromatic semitone; "B flat"

flat 50

Definition: not increasing as the amount taxed increases

flat 51

Definition: not modified or restricted by reservations; "a categorical denial"; "a flat refusal"

flat 52

Definition: having lost effervescence; "flat beer"; "a flat cola"

flat 53

Definition: lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; "a bland little drama"; "a flat joke"

flat 54

Definition: lacking taste or flavor or tang; "a bland diet"; "insipid hospital food"; "flavorless supermarket tomatoes"; "vapid beer"; "vapid tea"

flat 55

Definition: flattened laterally along the whole length (e.g., certain leafstalks or flatfishes)

flat 56

Definition: wholly or completely; "He is flat broke"

flat 57

Definition: in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly; "he didn''t answer directly"; "told me straight out"; "came out flat for less work and more pay"

flat 58

Definition: at full length; "he fell flat on his face"

flat 59

Definition: against a flat surface; "he lay flat on his back"

flat 60

Definition: below the proper pitch; "she sang flat last night"

flat 61

Definition: with flat sails; "sail flat against the wind"


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