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Yaw 1

Definition: To rise in blisters, breaking in white froth, as cane juice in the clarifiers in sugar works.

Yaw 2

Definition: To steer wild, or out of the line of her course; to deviate from her course, as when struck by a heavy sea; said of a ship.

Yaw 3

Definition: A movement of a vessel by which she temporarily alters her course; a deviation from a straight course in steering.

yaw 4

Definition: an erratic deflection from an intended course

yaw 5

Definition: swerve off course momentarily; "the ship yawed when the huge waves hit it"

yaw 6

Definition: deviate erratically from a set course; "the yawing motion of the ship"

yaw 7

Definition: be wide open; "the deep gaping canyon"


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