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Y 1

Definition: Y, the twenty-fifth letter of the English alphabet, at the beginning of a word or syllable, except when a prefix (see Y-), is usually a fricative vocal consonant; as a prefix, and usually in the middle or at the end of a syllable, it is a vowel. See Guide to Pronunciation,

Y 2

Definition: Something shaped like the letter Y; a forked piece resembling in form the letter Y.

Y 3

Definition: One of the forked holders for supporting the telescope of a leveling instrument, or the axis of a theodolite; a wye.

Y 4

Definition: A forked or bifurcated pipe fitting.

Y 5

Definition: A portion of track consisting of two diverging tracks connected by a cross track.

Y 6

Definition: I.

Y 7

Definition: the 25th letter of the Roman alphabet

Y 8

Definition: a silvery metallic element that is common in rare-earth minerals; used in magnesium and aluminum alloys


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