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Want 1

Definition: The state of not having; the condition of being without anything; absence or scarcity of what is needed or desired; deficiency; lack; as, a want of power or knowledge for any purpose; want of food and clothing.

Want 2

Definition: Specifically, absence or lack of necessaries; destitution; poverty; penury; indigence; need.

Want 3

Definition: That which is needed or desired; a thing of which the loss is felt; what is not possessed, and is necessary for use or pleasure.

Want 4

Definition: A depression in coal strata, hollowed out before the subsequent deposition took place.

Want 5

Definition: To be without; to be destitute of, or deficient in; not to have; to lack; as, to want knowledge; to want judgment; to want learning; to want food and clothing.

Want 6

Definition: To have occasion for, as useful, proper, or requisite; to require; to need; as, in winter we want a fire; in summer we want cooling breezes.

Want 7

Definition: To feel need of; to wish or long for; to desire; to crave.

Want 8

Definition: To be absent; to be deficient or lacking; to fail; not to be sufficient; to fall or come short; to lack; often used impersonally with of; as, it wants ten minutes of four.

Want 9

Definition: To be in a state of destitution; to be needy; to lack.

want 10

Definition: a specific feeling of desire; "he got his wish"; "he was above all wishing and desire"

want 11

Definition: anything that is necessary but lacking; "he had sufficient means to meet his simple needs"; "I tried to supply his wants"

want 12

Definition: the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable; "there is a serious lack of insight into the problem"; "water is the critical deficiency in desert regions"; "for want of a nail the shoe was lost"

want 13

Definition: a state of extreme poverty

want 14

Definition: wish or demand the presence of; "I want you here at noon!"

want 15

Definition: have need of; "This piano wants the attention of a competent tuner"

want 16

Definition: hunt or look for; want for a particular reason; "Your former neighbor is wanted by the FBI"; "Uncle Sam wants you"

want 17

Definition: feel or have a desire for; want strongly; "I want to go home now"; "I want my own room"

want 18

Definition: be without, lack; be deficient in; "want courtesy"; "want the strength to go on living"; "flood victims wanting food and shelter"


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