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Voluntary 1

Definition: Proceeding from the will; produced in or by an act of choice.

Voluntary 2

Definition: Done by design or intention; intentional; purposed; intended; not accidental; as, if a man kills another by lopping a tree, it is not voluntary manslaughter.

Voluntary 3

Definition: Of or pertaining to the will; subject to, or regulated by, the will; as, the voluntary motions of an animal, such as the movements of the leg or arm (in distinction from involuntary motions, such as the movements of the heart); the voluntary muscle fibers, which are the agents in voluntary motion.

Voluntary 4

Definition: Endowed with the power of willing; as, man is a voluntary agent.

Voluntary 5

Definition: Free; without compulsion; according to the will, consent, or agreement, of a party; without consideration; gratuitous; without valuable consideration.

Voluntary 6

Definition: Of or pertaining to voluntaryism; as, a voluntary church, in distinction from an established or state church.

Voluntary 7

Definition: One who engages in any affair of his own free will; a volunteer.

Voluntary 8

Definition: A piece played by a musician, often extemporarily, according to his fancy; specifically, an organ solo played before, during, or after divine service.

Voluntary 9

Definition: One who advocates voluntaryism.

voluntary 10

Definition: composition (often improvised) for a solo instrument (especially solo organ) and not a regular part of a service or performance

voluntary 11

Definition: (military) a person who freely enlists for service

voluntary 12

Definition: of your own free will or design; not forced or compelled; "man is a voluntary agent"; "participation was voluntary"; "voluntary manslaughter"; "voluntary generosity in times of disaster"; "voluntary social workers"; "a voluntary confession"

voluntary 13

Definition: controlled by individual volition; "voluntary motions"; "voluntary muscles"


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