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Vision 1

Definition: The act of seeing external objects; actual sight.

Vision 2

Definition: The faculty of seeing; sight; one of the five senses, by which colors and the physical qualities of external objects are appreciated as a result of the stimulating action of light on the sensitive retina, an expansion of the optic nerve.

Vision 3

Definition: That which is seen; an object of sight.

Vision 4

Definition: Especially, that which is seen otherwise than by the ordinary sight, or the rational eye; a supernatural, prophetic, or imaginary sight; an apparition; a phantom; a specter; as, the visions of Isaiah.

Vision 5

Definition: Hence, something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy.

Vision 6

Definition: To see in a vision; to dream.

vision 7

Definition: the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses; "popular imagination created a world of demons"; "imagination reveals what the world could be"

vision 8

Definition: the ability to see; the faculty of vision

vision 9

Definition: the perceptual experience of seeing; "the runners emerged from the trees into his clear vision"; "he had a visual sensation of intense light"

vision 10

Definition: a vivid mental image; "he had a vision of his own death"

vision 11

Definition: a religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance; "he had a vision of the Virgin Mary"


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