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Truly 1

Definition: In a true manner; according to truth; in agreement with fact; as, to state things truly; the facts are truly represented.

Truly 2

Definition: Exactly; justly; precisely; accurately; as, to estimate truly the weight of evidence.

Truly 3

Definition: Sincerely; honestly; really; faithfully; as, to be truly attached to a lover; the citizens are truly loyal to their prince or their country.

Truly 4

Definition: Conformably to law; legally; legitimately.

Truly 5

Definition: In fact; in deed; in reality; in truth.

truly 6

Definition: in accordance with truth or fact or reality; "she was now truly American"; "a genuinely open society"; "they don''t really listen to us"

truly 7

Definition: in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers); "in truth, moral decay hastened the decline of the Roman Empire"; "really, you shouldn''t have done it"; "a truly awful book"

truly 8

Definition: by right; "baseball rightfully is the nation''s pastime"

truly 9

Definition: with sincerity; without pretense; "she praised him sincerely for his victory"; "was unfeignedly glad to see his old teacher"; "we are truly sorry for the inconvenience"


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