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Toy 1

Definition: A plaything for children; a bawble.

Toy 2

Definition: A thing for amusement, but of no real value; an article of trade of little value; a trifle.

Toy 3

Definition: A wild fancy; an odd conceit; idle sport; folly; trifling opinion.

Toy 4

Definition: Amorous dalliance; play; sport; pastime.

Toy 5

Definition: An old story; a silly tale.

Toy 6

Definition: A headdress of linen or woolen, that hangs down over the shoulders, worn by old women of the lower classes; called also toy mutch.

Toy 7

Definition: To dally amorously; to trifle; to play.

Toy 8

Definition: To treat foolishly.

toy 9

Definition: any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets

toy 10

Definition: copy that reproduces something in greatly reduced size

toy 11

Definition: an artifact designed to be played with

toy 12

Definition: a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"

toy 13

Definition: engage in an activity as if it were a game rather than take it seriously; "They played games on their opponents"; "play the stockmarket"; "play with her feelings"; "toy with an idea"

toy 14

Definition: manipulate manually or in one''s mind or imagination; "She played nervously with her wedding ring"; "Don''t fiddle with the screws"; "He played with the idea of running for the Senate"

toy 15

Definition: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl''s affection"


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