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Texture 1

Definition: The act or art of weaving.

Texture 2

Definition: That which woven; a woven fabric; a web.

Texture 3

Definition: The disposition of the several parts of any body in connection with each other, or the manner in which the constituent parts are united; structure; as, the texture of earthy substances or minerals; the texture of a plant or a bone; the texture of paper; a loose or compact texture.

Texture 4

Definition: A tissue. See Tissue.

Texture 5

Definition: To form a texture of or with; to interweave.

texture 6

Definition: the feel of a surface or a fabric; "the wall had a smooth texture"

texture 7

Definition: the characteristic appearance of a surface having a tactile quality

texture 8

Definition: the musical pattern created by parts being played or sung together; "then another melodic line is added to the texture"

texture 9

Definition: the essential quality of something; "the texture of Neapolitan life"


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