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Text 1

Definition: A discourse or composition on which a note or commentary is written; the original words of an author, in distinction from a paraphrase, annotation, or commentary.

Text 2

Definition: The four Gospels, by way of distinction or eminence.

Text 3

Definition: A verse or passage of Scripture, especially one chosen as the subject of a sermon, or in proof of a doctrine.

Text 4

Definition: Hence, anything chosen as the subject of an argument, literary composition, or the like; topic; theme.

Text 5

Definition: A style of writing in large characters; text-hand also, a kind of type used in printing; as, German text.

Text 6

Definition: To write in large characters, as in text hand.

text 7

Definition: the words of something written; "there were more than a thousand words of text"; "they handed out the printed text of the mayor''s speech"; "he wants to reconstruct the original text"

text 8

Definition: the main body of a written work (as distinct from illustrations or footnotes etc.); "pictures made the text easier to understand"

text 9

Definition: a book prepared for use in schools or colleges; "his economics textbook is in its tenth edition"; "the professor wrote the text that he assigned students to buy"

text 10

Definition: a passage from the Bible that is used as the subject of a sermon; "the preacher chose a text from Psalms to introduce his sermon"


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