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Tabernacle 1

Definition: A slightly built or temporary habitation; especially, a tent.

Tabernacle 2

Definition: A portable structure of wooden framework covered with curtains, which was carried through the wilderness in the Israelitish exodus, as a place of sacrifice and worship.

Tabernacle 3

Definition: Hence, the Jewish temple; sometimes, any other place for worship.

Tabernacle 4

Definition: Figuratively: The human body, as the temporary abode of the soul.

Tabernacle 5

Definition: Any small cell, or like place, in which some holy or precious things was deposited or kept.

Tabernacle 6

Definition: The ornamental receptacle for the pyx, or for the consecrated elements, whether a part of a building or movable.

Tabernacle 7

Definition: A niche for the image of a saint, or for any sacred painting or sculpture.

Tabernacle 8

Definition: Hence, a work of art of sacred subject, having a partially architectural character, as a solid frame resting on a bracket, or the like.

Tabernacle 9

Definition: A tryptich for sacred imagery.

Tabernacle 10

Definition: A seat or stall in a choir, with its canopy.

Tabernacle 11

Definition: A boxlike step for a mast with the after side open, so that the mast can be lowered to pass under bridges, etc.

Tabernacle 12

Definition: To dwell or reside for a time; to be temporary housed.

tabernacle 13

Definition: (Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation

Tabernacle 14

Definition: (Judaism) a portable sanctuary in which the Jews carried the Ark of the Covenant on their exodus

Tabernacle 15

Definition: the Mormon temple


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