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Suspension 1

Definition: The act of suspending, or the state of being suspended; pendency; as, suspension from a hook.

Suspension 2

Definition: Especially, temporary delay, interruption, or cessation

Suspension 3

Definition: Of labor, study, pain, etc.

Suspension 4

Definition: Of decision, determination, judgment, etc.; as, to ask a suspension of judgment or opinion in view of evidence to be produced.

Suspension 5

Definition: Of the payment of what is due; as, the suspension of a mercantile firm or of a bank.

Suspension 6

Definition: Of punishment, or sentence of punishment.

Suspension 7

Definition: Of a person in respect of the exercise of his office, powers, prerogative, etc.; as, the suspension of a student or of a clergyman.

Suspension 8

Definition: Of the action or execution of law, etc.; as, the suspension of the habeas corpus act.

Suspension 9

Definition: A conditional withholding, interruption, or delay; as, the suspension of a payment on the performance of a condition.

Suspension 10

Definition: The state of a solid when its particles are mixed with, but undissolved in, a fluid, and are capable of separation by straining; also, any substance in this state.

Suspension 11

Definition: A keeping of the hearer in doubt and in attentive expectation of what is to follow, or of what is to be the inference or conclusion from the arguments or observations employed.

Suspension 12

Definition: A stay or postponement of execution of a sentence condemnatory by means of letters of suspension granted on application to the lord ordinary.

Suspension 13

Definition: The prolongation of one or more tones of a chord into the chord which follows, thus producing a momentary discord, suspending the concord which the ear expects. Cf. Retardation.

suspension 14

Definition: a temporary debarment (from a privilege or position etc)

suspension 15

Definition: the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely); "there was a small ceremony for the hanging of the portrait"

suspension 16

Definition: a mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers connecting the wheels and axles to the chassis of a wheeled vehicle

suspension 17

Definition: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something

suspension 18

Definition: temporary cessation or suspension

suspension 19

Definition: a mixture in which fine particles are suspended in a fluid where they are supported by buoyancy

suspension 20

Definition: a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something


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