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Shore 1

Definition: of Shear

Shore 2

Definition: imp. of Shear.

Shore 3

Definition: A sewer.

Shore 4

Definition: A prop, as a timber, placed as a brace or support against the side of a building or other structure; a prop placed beneath anything, as a beam, to prevent it from sinking or sagging.

Shore 5

Definition: To support by a shore or shores; to prop; usually with up; as, to shore up a building.

Shore 6

Definition: The coast or land adjacent to a large body of water, as an ocean, lake, or large river.

Shore 7

Definition: To set on shore.

shore 8

Definition: a beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support

shore 9

Definition: the land along the edge of a body of water

shore 10

Definition: support by placing against something solid or rigid; "shore and buttress an old building"

shore 11

Definition: arrive on shore; "The ship landed in Pearl Harbor"

shore 12

Definition: serve as a shore to; "The river was shored by trees"


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