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Savage 1

Definition: Of or pertaining to the forest; remote from human abodes and cultivation; in a state of nature; wild; as, a savage wilderness.

Savage 2

Definition: Wild; untamed; uncultivated; as, savage beasts.

Savage 3

Definition: Uncivilized; untaught; unpolished; rude; as, savage life; savage manners.

Savage 4

Definition: Characterized by cruelty; barbarous; fierce; ferocious; inhuman; brutal; as, a savage spirit.

Savage 5

Definition: A human being in his native state of rudeness; one who is untaught, uncivilized, or without cultivation of mind or manners.

Savage 6

Definition: A man of extreme, unfeeling, brutal cruelty; a barbarian.

Savage 7

Definition: To make savage.

savage 8

Definition: a cruelly rapacious person

savage 9

Definition: a member of an uncivilized people

savage 10

Definition: criticize harshly or violently; "The press savaged the new President"; "The critics crucified the author for plagiarizing a famous passage"

savage 11

Definition: attack brutally and fiercely

savage 12

Definition: without civilizing influences; "barbarian invaders"; "barbaric practices"; "a savage people"; "fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons are efficient"-Margaret Meade; "wild tribes"

savage 13

Definition: (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; "a barbarous crime"; "brutal beatings"; "cruel tortures"; "Stalin''s roughshod treatment of the kulaks"; "a savage slap"; "vicious kicks"

savage 14

Definition: wild and menacing; "a ferocious dog"

savage 15

Definition: marked by extreme and violent energy; "a ferocious beating"; "fierce fighting"; "a furious battle"


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