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Sand 1

Definition: Fine particles of stone, esp. of siliceous stone, but not reduced to dust; comminuted stone in the form of loose grains, which are not coherent when wet.

Sand 2

Definition: A single particle of such stone.

Sand 3

Definition: Tracts of land consisting of sand, like the deserts of Arabia and Africa; also, extensive tracts of sand exposed by the ebb of the tide.

Sand 4

Definition: Courage; pluck; grit.

Sand 5

Definition: To sprinkle or cover with sand.

Sand 6

Definition: To drive upon the sand.

Sand 7

Definition: To bury (oysters) beneath drifting sand or mud.

Sand 8

Definition: To mix with sand for purposes of fraud; as, to sand sugar.

sand 9

Definition: fortitude and determination; "he didn''t have the guts to try it"

Sand 10

Definition: French writer known for works concerning women''s rights and independence

sand 11

Definition: a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral

sand 12

Definition: rub with sandpaper; "sandpaper the wooden surface"


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