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Rod 1

Definition: A straight and slender stick; a wand; hence, any slender bar, as of wood or metal (applied to various purposes).

Rod 2

Definition: An instrument of punishment or correction; figuratively, chastisement.

Rod 3

Definition: A kind of sceptor, or badge of office; hence, figuratively, power; authority; tyranny; oppression.

Rod 4

Definition: A support for a fishing line; a fish pole.

Rod 5

Definition: A member used in tension, as for sustaining a suspended weight, or in tension and compression, as for transmitting reciprocating motion, etc.; a connecting bar.

Rod 6

Definition: An instrument for measuring.

Rod 7

Definition: A measure of length containing sixteen and a half feet; called also perch, and pole.

rod 8

Definition: any rod-shaped bacterium

rod 9

Definition: a gangster''s pistol

rod 10

Definition: a long thin implement made of metal or wood

rod 11

Definition: visual receptor cell sensitive to dim light

rod 12

Definition: a square rod of land

rod 13

Definition: a linear measure of feet


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