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Receptacle 1

Definition: That which serves, or is used, for receiving and containing something, as a basket, a vase, a bag, a reservoir; a repository.

Receptacle 2

Definition: The apex of the flower stalk, from which the organs of the flower grow, or into which they are inserted. See Illust. of Flower, and Ovary.

Receptacle 3

Definition: The dilated apex of a pedicel which serves as a common support to a head of flowers.

Receptacle 4

Definition: An intercellular cavity containing oil or resin or other matters.

Receptacle 5

Definition: A special branch which bears the fructification in many cryptogamous plants.

receptacle 6

Definition: a container that is used to put or keep things in

receptacle 7

Definition: an electrical (or electronic) fitting that is connected to a source of power and equipped to receive an insert

receptacle 8

Definition: enlarged tip of a stem that bears the floral parts


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