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Real 1

Definition: A small Spanish silver coin; also, a denomination of money of account, formerly the unit of the Spanish monetary system.

Real 2

Definition: Royal; regal; kingly.

Real 3

Definition: Actually being or existing; not fictitious or imaginary; as, a description of real life.

Real 4

Definition: True; genuine; not artificial, counterfeit, or factitious; often opposed to ostensible; as, the real reason; real Madeira wine; real ginger.

Real 5

Definition: Relating to things, not to persons.

Real 6

Definition: Having an assignable arithmetical or numerical value or meaning; not imaginary.

Real 7

Definition: Pertaining to things fixed, permanent, or immovable, as to lands and tenements; as, real property, in distinction from personal or movable property.

Real 8

Definition: A realist.

real 9

Definition: an old small silver Spanish coin

real 10

Definition: any rational or irrational number

real 11

Definition: possible to be treated as fact; "tangible evidence"; "his brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor"

real 12

Definition: having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary; "the substantial world"; "a mere dream, neither substantial nor practical"; "most ponderous and substantial things"- Shakespeare

real 13

Definition: not synthetic or spurious; of real or natural origin; "real mink"; "true gold"

real 14

Definition: being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory; "real objects"; "real people; not ghosts"; "a film based on real life"; "a real illness"; "real humility"; "Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow

real 15

Definition: being value measured in terms of purchasing power; "real prices"; "real income"; "real wages"

real 16

Definition: founded on practical matters; "a recent graduate experiencing the real world for the first time"

real 17

Definition: coinciding with reality; "perceptual error...has a surprising resemblance to veridical perception"- F.A.Olafson

real 18

Definition: not to be taken lightly; "statistics demonstrate that poverty and unemployment are very real problems"; "to the man sleeping regularly in doorways homelessness is real"

real 19

Definition: (of property) fixed or immovable; "real property consists of land and buildings; real estate"

real 20

Definition: being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something; "her actual motive"; "a literal solitude like a desert"- G.K.Chesterton; "a genuine dilemma"

real 21

Definition: used as intensifiers; `real'' is sometimes used informally for `really''; `rattling'' is informal; "she was very gifted"; "he played very well"; "a really enjoyable evening"; "I''m real sorry about it"; "a rattling good yarn"


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