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Definition: Rennet. See 3d Reed.

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Definition: of Read

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Definition: To advise; to counsel.

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Definition: To interpret; to explain; as, to read a riddle.

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Definition: To tell; to declare; to recite.

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Definition: Hence, to know fully; to comprehend.

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Definition: To discover or understand by characters, marks, features, etc.; to learn by observation.

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Definition: To make a special study of, as by perusing textbooks; as, to read theology or law.

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Definition: To give advice or counsel.

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Definition: To tell; to declare.

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Definition: To perform the act of reading; to peruse, or to go over and utter aloud, the words of a book or other like document.

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Definition: To study by reading; as, he read for the bar.

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Definition: To learn by reading.

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Definition: To appear in writing or print; to be expressed by, or consist of, certain words or characters; as, the passage reads thus in the early manuscripts.

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Definition: To produce a certain effect when read; as, that sentence reads queerly.

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Definition: Saying; sentence; maxim; hence, word; advice; counsel. See Rede.

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Definition: Reading.

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Definition: imp. p. p. of Read, v. t. i.

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Definition: Instructed or knowing by reading; versed in books; learned.

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Definition: something that is read; "the article was a very good read"

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Definition: make sense of a language; "She understands French"; "Can you read Greek?"

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Definition: be a student of a certain subject; "She is reading for the bar exam"

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Definition: to hear and understand; "I read you loud and clear!"

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Definition: interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression; "I read this address as a satire"; "How should I take this message?"; "You can''t take credit for this!"

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Definition: interpret something that is written or printed; "read the advertisement"; "Have you read Salman Rushdie?"

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Definition: look at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed; "The King will read the proclamation at noon"

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Definition: interpret the significance of, as of palms, tea leaves, intestines, the sky, etc.; also of human behavior; "She read the sky and predicted rain"; "I can''t read his strange behavior"; "The gypsy read his fate in the crystal ball"

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Definition: obtain data from magnetic tapes; "This dictionary can be read by the computer"

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Definition: indicate a certain reading; of gauges and instruments; "The thermometer showed thirteen degrees below zero"; "The gauge read `empty''"

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Definition: audition for a stage role by reading parts of a role; "He is auditioning for `Julius Cesar'' at Stratford this year"

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Definition: have or contain a certain wording or form; "The passage reads as follows"; "What does the law say?"


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