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Quarter 1

Definition: One of four equal parts into which anything is divided, or is regarded as divided; a fourth part or portion; as, a quarter of a dollar, of a pound, of a yard, of an hour, etc.

Quarter 2

Definition: The fourth of a hundred-weight, being or pounds, according as the hundredweight is reckoned at or pounds.

Quarter 3

Definition: The fourth of a ton in weight, or eight bushels of grain; as, a quarter of wheat; also, the fourth part of a chaldron of coal.

Quarter 4

Definition: One limb of a quadruped with the adjacent parts; one fourth part of the carcass of a slaughtered animal, including a leg; as, the fore quarters; the hind quarters.

Quarter 5

Definition: That part of a boot or shoe which forms the side, from the heel to the vamp.

Quarter 6

Definition: A term of study in a seminary, college, etc, etc.; properly, a fourth part of the year, but often longer or shorter.

Quarter 7

Definition: The encampment on one of the principal passages round a place besieged, to prevent relief and intercept convoys.

Quarter 8

Definition: One of the divisions of an escutcheon when it is divided into four portions by a horizontal and a perpendicular line meeting in the fess point.

Quarter 9

Definition: A division of a town, city, or county; a particular district; a locality; as, the Latin quarter in Paris.

Quarter 10

Definition: A small upright timber post, used in partitions; in the United States more commonly called stud.

Quarter 11

Definition: Proper station; specific place; assigned position; special location.

Quarter 12

Definition: A station at which officers and men are posted in battle; usually in the plural.

Quarter 13

Definition: Place of lodging or temporary residence; shelter; entertainment; usually in the plural.

Quarter 14

Definition: A station or encampment occupied by troops; a place of lodging for soldiers or officers; as, winter quarters.

Quarter 15

Definition: Friendship; amity; concord.

Quarter 16

Definition: To lodge; to have a temporary residence.

Quarter 17

Definition: To drive a carriage so as to prevent the wheels from going into the ruts, or so that a rut shall be between the wheels.

quarter 18

Definition: piece of leather that comprises the part of a shoe or boot covering the heel and joining the vamp

quarter 19

Definition: the rear part of a ship

quarter 20

Definition: a district of a city having some distinguishing character; "the Latin Quarter"

quarter 21

Definition: an unspecified person; "he dropped a word in the right quarter"

quarter 22

Definition: a United States coin worth one fourth of a dollar; "he fed four quarters into the slot machine"

quarter 23

Definition: a quarter of a hundredweight pounds)

quarter 24

Definition: a quarter of a hundredweight pounds)

quarter 25

Definition: one of four equal parts; "a quarter of a pound"

quarter 26

Definition: one of the four major division of the compass; "the wind is coming from that quarter"

quarter 27

Definition: a fourth part of a year; three months; "unemployment fell during the last quarter"

quarter 28

Definition: one of four periods into which the school year is divided; "the fall quarter ends at Christmas"

quarter 29

Definition: a unit of time equal to minutes or a quarter of an hour; "it''s a quarter til "a quarter after o''clock"

quarter 30

Definition: one of four periods of play into which some games are divided; "both teams scored in the first quarter"

quarter 31

Definition: divide by four; divide into quarters

quarter 32

Definition: divide into quarters; "quarter an apple"

quarter 33

Definition: pull (a person) apart with four horses tied to his extremities, so as to execute him; "in the old days, people were drawn and quartered for certain crimes"

quarter 34

Definition: provide housing for (military personnel)


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