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Public 1

Definition: Of or pertaining to the people; belonging to the people; relating to, or affecting, a nation, state, or community; opposed to private; as, the public treasury.

Public 2

Definition: Open to the knowledge or view of all; general; common; notorious; as, public report; public scandal.

Public 3

Definition: Open to common or general use; as, a public road; a public house.

Public 4

Definition: A public house; an inn.

public 5

Definition: a body of people sharing some common interest; "the reading public"

public 6

Definition: people in general considered as a whole; "he is a hero in the eyes of the public"

public 7

Definition: affecting the people or community as a whole; "community leaders"; "community interests"; "the public welfare"

public 8

Definition: not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole; "the public good"; "public libraries"; "public funds"; "public parks"; "a public scandal"; "public gardens"; "performers and members of royal families are public figures"


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