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Project 1

Definition: The place from which a thing projects, or starts forth.

Project 2

Definition: That which is projected or designed; something intended or devised; a scheme; a design; a plan.

Project 3

Definition: An idle scheme; an impracticable design; as, a man given to projects.

Project 4

Definition: To throw or cast forward; to shoot forth.

Project 5

Definition: To cast forward or revolve in the mind; to contrive; to devise; to scheme; as, to project a plan.

Project 6

Definition: To draw or exhibit, as the form of anything; to delineate; as, to project a sphere, a map, an ellipse, and the like; sometimes with on, upon, into, etc.; as, to project a line or point upon a plane. See Projection,

Project 7

Definition: To shoot forward; to extend beyond something else; to be prominent; to jut; as, the cornice projects; branches project from the tree.

Project 8

Definition: To form a project; to scheme.

project 9

Definition: any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"

project 10

Definition: a planned undertaking

project 11

Definition: present for consideration

project 12

Definition: regard as objective

project 13

Definition: communicate vividly; "He projected his feelings"

project 14

Definition: transfer (ideas or principles) from one domain into another

project 15

Definition: throw, send, or cast forward; "project a missile"

project 16

Definition: put or send forth; "She threw the flashlight beam into the corner"; "The setting sun threw long shadows"; "cast a spell"; "cast a warm light"

project 17

Definition: imagine; conceive of; see in one''s mind; "I can''t see him on horseback!"; "I can see what will happen"; "I can see a risk in this strategy"

project 18

Definition: make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack"

project 19

Definition: draw a projection of

project 20

Definition: project on a screen; "The images are projected onto the screen"

project 21

Definition: cause to be heard; "His voice projects well"

project 22

Definition: extend out or project in space; "His sharp nose jutted out"; "A single rock sticks out from the cliff"


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