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Prejudice 1

Definition: Foresight.

Prejudice 2

Definition: An opinion or judgment formed without due examination; prejudgment; a leaning toward one side of a question from other considerations than those belonging to it; an unreasonable predilection for, or objection against, anything; especially, an opinion or leaning adverse to anything, without just grounds, or before sufficient knowledge.

Prejudice 3

Definition: A bias on the part of judge, juror, or witness which interferes with fairness of judgment.

Prejudice 4

Definition: Mischief; hurt; damage; injury; detriment.

Prejudice 5

Definition: To cause to have prejudice; to prepossess with opinions formed without due knowledge or examination; to bias the mind of, by hasty and incorrect notions; to give an unreasonable bent to, as to one side or the other of a cause; as, to prejudice a critic or a juryman.

Prejudice 6

Definition: To obstruct or injure by prejudices, or by previous bias of the mind; hence, generally, to hurt; to damage; to injure; to impair; as, to prejudice a good cause.

prejudice 7

Definition: a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

prejudice 8

Definition: influence (somebody''s) opinion in advance

prejudice 9

Definition: disadvantage by prejudice


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