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Poor 1

Definition: Destitute of property; wanting in material riches or goods; needy; indigent.

Poor 2

Definition: So completely destitute of property as to be entitled to maintenance from the public.

Poor 3

Definition: Destitute of such qualities as are desirable, or might naturally be expected

Poor 4

Definition: Wanting in fat, plumpness, or fleshiness; lean; emaciated; meager; as, a poor horse, ox, dog, etc.

Poor 5

Definition: Wanting in strength or vigor; feeble; dejected; as, poor health; poor spirits.

Poor 6

Definition: Of little value or worth; not good; inferior; shabby; mean; as, poor clothes; poor lodgings.

Poor 7

Definition: Destitute of fertility; exhausted; barren; sterile; said of land; as, poor soil.

Poor 8

Definition: Destitute of beauty, fitness, or merit; as, a poor discourse; a poor picture.

Poor 9

Definition: Without prosperous conditions or good results; unfavorable; unfortunate; unconformable; as, a poor business; the sick man had a poor night.

Poor 10

Definition: Inadequate; insufficient; insignificant; as, a poor excuse.

Poor 11

Definition: Worthy of pity or sympathy; used also sometimes as a term of endearment, or as an expression of modesty, and sometimes as a word of contempt.

Poor 12

Definition: Free from self-assertion; not proud or arrogant; meek.

Poor 13

Definition: A small European codfish (Gadus minutus); called also power cod.

poor 14

Definition: deserving or inciting pity; "a hapless victim"; "miserable victims of war"; "the shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic"- Galsworthy; "piteous appeals for help"; "pitiable homeless children"; "a pitiful fate"; "Oh, you poor thing"; "his poor d

poor 15

Definition: yielding little by great labor; "a hardscrabble farm"; "poor soil"

poor 16

Definition: unsatisfactory; "a poor light for reading"; "poor morale"

poor 17

Definition: low in degree; "expectations were poor"

poor 18

Definition: having little money or few possessions; "deplored the gap between rich and poor countries"; "the proverbial poor artist living in a garret"

poor 19

Definition: badly supplied with desirable qualities or substances; "a poor land"; "the area was poor in timber and coal"; "food poor in nutritive value"

poor 20

Definition: characterized by or indicating lack of money; "the country had a poor economy"

poor 21

Definition: not sufficient to meet a need; "an inadequate income"; "a poor salary"; "money is short"; "on short rations"; "food is in short supply"; "short on experience"

poor 22

Definition: moderate to inferior in quality; "they improved the quality from mediocre to above average"; "he would make a poor spy"


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