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Place 1

Definition: Any portion of space regarded as measured off or distinct from all other space, or appropriated to some definite object or use; position; ground; site; spot; rarely, unbounded space.

Place 2

Definition: A broad way in a city; an open space; an area; a court or short part of a street open only at one end.

Place 3

Definition: A position which is occupied and held; a dwelling; a mansion; a village, town, or city; a fortified town or post; a stronghold; a region or country.

Place 4

Definition: Rank; degree; grade; order of priority, advancement, dignity, or importance; especially, social rank or position; condition; also, official station; occupation; calling.

Place 5

Definition: Vacated or relinquished space; room; stead (the departure or removal of another being or thing being implied).

Place 6

Definition: A definite position or passage of a document.

Place 7

Definition: Ordinal relation; position in the order of proceeding; as, he said in the first place.

Place 8

Definition: Reception; effect; implying the making room for.

Place 9

Definition: Position in the heavens, as of a heavenly body; usually defined by its right ascension and declination, or by its latitude and longitude.

Place 10

Definition: To assign a place to; to put in a particular spot or place, or in a certain relative position; to direct to a particular place; to fix; to settle; to locate; as, to place a book on a shelf; to place balls in tennis.

Place 11

Definition: To put or set in a particular rank, office, or position; to surround with particular circumstances or relations in life; to appoint to certain station or condition of life; as, in whatever sphere one is placed.

Place 12

Definition: To put out at interest; to invest; to loan; as, to place money in a bank.

Place 13

Definition: To set; to fix; to repose; as, to place confidence in a friend.

Place 14

Definition: To attribute; to ascribe; to set down.

place 15

Definition: a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"

place 16

Definition: the function or position properly or customarily occupied or served by another; "can you go in my stead?"; "took his place"; "in lieu of"

place 17

Definition: an abstract mental location; "he has a special place in my thoughts"; "a place in my heart"; "a political system with no place for the less prominent groups"

place 18

Definition: a blank area; "write your name in the space provided"

place 19

Definition: the passage that is being read; "he lost his place on the page"

place 20

Definition: an item on a list or in a sequence; "in the second place"; "moved from third to fifth position"

place 21

Definition: any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?"; "the president was concerned about the property across from the White House"

place 22

Definition: where you live at a particular time; "deliver the package to my home"; "he doesn''t have a home to go to"; "your place or mine?"

place 23

Definition: a public square with room for pedestrians; "they met at Elm Plaza"; "Grosvenor Place"

place 24

Definition: the particular portion of space occupied by a physical object; "he put the lamp back in its place"

place 25

Definition: a general vicinity; "He comes from a place near Chicago"

place 26

Definition: a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane); "he booked their seats in advance"; "he sat in someone else''s place"

place 27

Definition: a point located with respect to surface features of some region; "this is a nice place for a picnic"

place 28

Definition: a particular situation; "If you were in my place what would you do?"

place 29

Definition: proper or designated social situation; "he overstepped his place"; "the responsibilities of a man in his station"; "married above her station"

place 30

Definition: proper or appropriate position or location; "a woman''s place is no longer in the kitchen"

place 31

Definition: recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something; "She identified the man on the ''wanted'' poster"

place 32

Definition: assign a rank or rating to; "how would you rank these students?"; "The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"

place 33

Definition: take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal; "Jerry came in third in the Marathon"

place 34

Definition: estimate; "We put the time of arrival at P.M."

place 35

Definition: to arrange for; "place a phone call", "place a bet"

place 36

Definition: sing a note with the correct pitch

place 37

Definition: finish second or better in a horse or dog race; "he bet on number six to place"

place 38

Definition: assign to a station

place 39

Definition: intend (something) to move towards a certain goal; "He aimed his fists towards his opponent''s face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"

place 40

Definition: put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"

place 41

Definition: locate; "The film is set in Africa"

place 42

Definition: make an investment; "Put money into bonds"

place 43

Definition: assign a location to; "The company located some of their agents in Los Angeles"

place 44

Definition: place somebody in a particular situation or location; "he was placed on probation"

place 45

Definition: assign to (a job or a home)

place 46

Definition: identify the location or place of; "We localized the source of the infection"


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