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Pet 1

Definition: A cade lamb; a lamb brought up by hand.

Pet 2

Definition: Any person or animal especially cherished and indulged; a fondling; a darling; often, a favorite child.

Pet 3

Definition: A slight fit of peevishness or fretfulness.

Pet 4

Definition: Petted; indulged; admired; cherished; as, a pet child; a pet lamb; a pet theory.

Pet 5

Definition: To treat as a pet; to fondle; to indulge; as, she was petted and spoiled.

Pet 6

Definition: To be a pet.


Definition: using a computerized radiographic technique to examine the metabolic activity in various tissues (especially in the brain)

pet 8

Definition: a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement

pet 9

Definition: a fit of petulance or sulkiness (especially at what is felt to be a slight)

pet 10

Definition: a special loved one

pet 11

Definition: stroke or caress in an erotic manner, as during lovemaking

pet 12

Definition: stroke or caress gently; "pet the lamb"

pet 13

Definition: preferred above all others and treated with partiality; "the favored child"


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