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Persuade 1

Definition: To influence or gain over by argument, advice, entreaty, expostulation, etc.; to draw or incline to a determination by presenting sufficient motives.

Persuade 2

Definition: To try to influence.

Persuade 3

Definition: To convince by argument, or by reasons offered or suggested from reflection, etc.; to cause to believe.

Persuade 4

Definition: To inculcate by argument or expostulation; to advise; to recommend.

Persuade 5

Definition: To use persuasion; to plead; to prevail by persuasion.

Persuade 6

Definition: Persuasion.

persuade 7

Definition: cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody''s arm; "You can''t persuade me to buy this ugly vase!"

persuade 8

Definition: win approval or support for; "Carry all before one"; "His speech did not sway the voters"


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