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Official 1

Definition: Of or pertaining to an office or public trust; as, official duties, or routine.

Official 2

Definition: Derived from the proper office or officer, or from the proper authority; made or communicated by virtue of authority; as, an official statement or report.

Official 3

Definition: Approved by authority; sanctioned by the pharmacopoeia; appointed to be used in medicine; as, an official drug or preparation. Cf. Officinal.

Official 4

Definition: Discharging an office or function.

Official 5

Definition: One who holds an office; esp., a subordinate executive officer or attendant.

Official 6

Definition: An ecclesiastical judge appointed by a bishop, chapter, archdeacon, etc., with charge of the spiritual jurisdiction.

official 7

Definition: someone who administers the rules of a game or sport; "the golfer asked for an official who could give him a ruling"

official 8

Definition: a worker who holds or is invested with an office

official 9

Definition: having official authority or sanction; "official permission"; "an official representative"

official 10

Definition: verified officially; "the election returns are now official"

official 11

Definition: (of a church) given official status as a national or state institution

official 12

Definition: conforming to set usage, procedure, or discipline; "in prescribed order"

official 13

Definition: of or relating to an office; "official privileges"


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