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Occupy 1

Definition: To take or hold possession of; to hold or keep for use; to possess.

Occupy 2

Definition: To hold, or fill, the dimensions of; to take up the room or space of; to cover or fill; as, the camp occupies five acres of ground.

Occupy 3

Definition: To possess or use the time or capacity of; to engage the service of; to employ; to busy.

Occupy 4

Definition: To use; to expend; to make use of.

Occupy 5

Definition: To have sexual intercourse with.

Occupy 6

Definition: To hold possession; to be an occupant.

Occupy 7

Definition: To follow business; to traffic.

occupy 8

Definition: engage or engross wholly; "Her interest in butterflies absorbs her completely"

occupy 9

Definition: march aggressively into another''s territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation; "Hitler invaded Poland on September

occupy 10

Definition: as of time or space; "It took three hours to get to work this morning"; "This event occupied a very short time"

occupy 11

Definition: keep busy with; "She busies herself with her butterfly collection"

occupy 12

Definition: live (in a certain place)

occupy 13

Definition: occupy the whole of; "The liquid fills the container"

occupy 14

Definition: be present in; be inside of

occupy 15

Definition: be on the mind of; "I worry about the second Germanic consonant"


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