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Observation 1

Definition: The act or the faculty of observing or taking notice; the act of seeing, or of fixing the mind upon, anything.

Observation 2

Definition: The result of an act, or of acts, of observing; view; reflection; conclusion; judgment.

Observation 3

Definition: Hence: An expression of an opinion or judgment upon what one has observed; a remark.

Observation 4

Definition: Performance of what is prescribed; adherence in practice; observance.

Observation 5

Definition: The act of recognizing and noting some fact or occurrence in nature, as an aurora, a corona, or the structure of an animal.

Observation 6

Definition: The information so acquired.

observation 7

Definition: the act of observing; taking a patient look

observation 8

Definition: the act of making and recording a measurement

observation 9

Definition: the act of noticing or paying attention; "he escaped the notice of the police"

observation 10

Definition: facts learned by observing; "he reported his observations to the mayor"

observation 11

Definition: a remark expressing careful consideration


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