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Native 1

Definition: Arising by birth; having an origin; born.

Native 2

Definition: Born in the region in which one lives; as, a native inhabitant, race; grown or originating in the region where used or sold; not foreign or imported; as, native oysters, or strawberries.

Native 3

Definition: Original; constituting the original substance of anything; as, native dust.

Native 4

Definition: Conferred by birth; derived from origin; born with one; inherent; inborn; not acquired; as, native genius, cheerfulness, simplicity, rights, etc.

Native 5

Definition: Naturally related; cognate; connected (with).

Native 6

Definition: Found in nature uncombined with other elements; as, native silver.

Native 7

Definition: Found in nature; not artificial; as native sodium chloride.

Native 8

Definition: One who, or that which, is born in a place or country referred to; a denizen by birth; an animal, a fruit, or vegetable, produced in a certain region; as, a native of France.

Native 9

Definition: Any of the live stock found in a region, as distinguished from such as belong to pure and distinct imported breeds.

native 10

Definition: a person who was born in a particular place; an indigenous person

native 11

Definition: belonging to one by birth; "my native land"; "one''s native language"

native 12

Definition: being such by origin; "the native North American sugar maple"; "many native artists studied abroad"

native 13

Definition: being or composed of people inhabiting a region from the beginning; "native Americans"; "the aboriginal peoples of Australia"

native 14

Definition: normally existing at birth; "mankind''s connatural sense of the good"

native 15

Definition: as found in nature in the elemental form; "native copper"


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