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Moral 1

Definition: Relating to duty or obligation; pertaining to those intentions and actions of which right and wrong, virtue and vice, are predicated, or to the rules by which such intentions and actions ought to be directed; relating to the practice, manners, or conduct of men as social beings in relation to each other, as respects right and wrong, so far as they are properly subject to rules.

Moral 2

Definition: Conformed to accepted rules of right; acting in conformity with such rules; virtuous; just; as, a moral man. Used sometimes in distinction from religious; as, a moral rather than a religious life.

Moral 3

Definition: Capable of right and wrong action or of being governed by a sense of right; subject to the law of duty.

Moral 4

Definition: Supported by reason or probability; practically sufficient; opposed to legal or demonstrable; as, a moral evidence; a moral certainty.

Moral 5

Definition: Serving to teach or convey a moral; as, a moral lesson; moral tales.

Moral 6

Definition: The doctrine or practice of the duties of life; manner of living as regards right and wrong; conduct; behavior; usually in the plural.

Moral 7

Definition: The inner meaning or significance of a fable, a narrative, an occurrence, an experience, etc.; the practical lesson which anything is designed or fitted to teach; the doctrine meant to be inculcated by a fiction; a maxim.

Moral 8

Definition: A morality play. See Morality,

Moral 9

Definition: To moralize.

moral 10

Definition: the significance of a story or event; "the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"

moral 11

Definition: concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles; "moral sense"; "a moral scrutiny"; "a moral lesson"; "a moral quandary"; "moral convictions"; "a moral life"

moral 12

Definition: psychological rather than physical or tangible in effect; "a moral victory"; "moral support"

moral 13

Definition: adhering to ethical and moral principles; "it seems ethical and right"; "followed the only honorable course of action"; "had the moral courage to stand alone"

moral 14

Definition: arising from the sense of right and wrong; "a moral obligation"

moral 15

Definition: relating to principles of right and wrong; i.e. to morals or ethics; "moral philosophy"


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