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Measure 1

Definition: A standard of dimension; a fixed unit of quantity or extent; an extent or quantity in the fractions or multiples of which anything is estimated and stated; hence, a rule by which anything is adjusted or judged.

Measure 2

Definition: An instrument by means of which size or quantity is measured, as a graduated line, rod, vessel, or the like.

Measure 3

Definition: The contents of a vessel by which quantity is measured; a quantity determined by a standard; a stated or limited quantity or amount.

Measure 4

Definition: Extent or degree not excessive or beyong bounds; moderation; due restraint; esp. in the phrases, in measure; with measure; without or beyond measure.

Measure 5

Definition: Determined extent, not to be exceeded; limit; allotted share, as of action, influence, ability, or the like; due proportion.

Measure 6

Definition: The quantity determined by measuring, especially in buying and selling; as, to give good or full measure.

Measure 7

Definition: Undefined quantity; extent; degree.

Measure 8

Definition: Regulated division of movement

Measure 9

Definition: A regulated movement corresponding to the time in which the accompanying music is performed; but, especially, a slow and stately dance, like the minuet.

Measure 10

Definition: The group or grouping of beats, caused by the regular recurrence of accented beats.

Measure 11

Definition: The space between two bars.

Measure 12

Definition: The manner of ordering and combining the quantities, or long and short syllables; meter; rhythm; hence, a foot; as, a poem in iambic measure.

Measure 13

Definition: A number which is contained in a given number a number of times without a remainder; as in the phrases, the common measure, the greatest common measure, etc., of two or more numbers.

Measure 14

Definition: A step or definite part of a progressive course or policy; a means to an end; an act designed for the accomplishment of an object; as, political measures; prudent measures; an inefficient measure.

Measure 15

Definition: The act of measuring; measurement.

Measure 16

Definition: Beds or strata; as, coal measures; lead measures.

Measure 17

Definition: To ascertain by use of a measuring instrument; to compute or ascertain the extent, quantity, dimensions, or capacity of, by a certain rule or standard; to take the dimensions of; hence, to estimate; to judge of; to value; to appraise.

Measure 18

Definition: To serve as the measure of; as, the thermometer measures changes of temperature.

Measure 19

Definition: To pass throught or over in journeying, as if laying off and determining the distance.

Measure 20

Definition: To adjust by a rule or standard.

Measure 21

Definition: To allot or distribute by measure; to set off or apart by measure; often with out or off.

Measure 22

Definition: To make a measurement or measurements.

Measure 23

Definition: To result, or turn out, on measuring; as, the grain measures well; the pieces measure unequally.

Measure 24

Definition: To be of a certain size or quantity, or to have a certain length, breadth, or thickness, or a certain capacity according to a standard measure; as, cloth measures three fourths of a yard; a tree measures three feet in diameter.

measure 25

Definition: how much there is of something that you can quantify

measure 26

Definition: any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; "the situation called for strong measures"; "the police took steps to reduce crime"

measure 27

Definition: the act or process of measuring; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"

measure 28

Definition: measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals; used as a reference in making measurements

measure 29

Definition: a statute in draft before it becomes law; "they held a public hearing on the bill"

measure 30

Definition: musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats; "the orchestra omitted the last twelve bars of the song"

measure 31

Definition: (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse

measure 32

Definition: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; "they set the measure for all subsequent work"

measure 33

Definition: express as a number or measure or quantity; "Can you quantify your results?"

measure 34

Definition: determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of; "Measure the length of the wall"

measure 35

Definition: place a value on; judge the worth of something; "I will have the family jewels appraised by a professional"

measure 36

Definition: have certain dimensions; "This table surfaces measures 20inches by inches"


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