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Long 1

Definition: Drawn out in a line, or in the direction of length; protracted; extended; as, a long line; opposed to short, and distinguished from broad or wide.

Long 2

Definition: Drawn out or extended in time; continued through a considerable tine, or to a great length; as, a long series of events; a long debate; a long drama; a long history; a long book.

Long 3

Definition: Slow in passing; causing weariness by length or duration; lingering; as, long hours of watching.

Long 4

Definition: Occurring or coming after an extended interval; distant in time; far away.

Long 5

Definition: Extended to any specified measure; of a specified length; as, a span long; a yard long; a mile long, that is, extended to the measure of a mile, etc.

Long 6

Definition: Far-reaching; extensive.

Long 7

Definition: Prolonged, or relatively more prolonged, in utterance; said of vowels and syllables. See Short, a., and Guide to Pronunciation,

Long 8

Definition: A note formerly used in music, one half the length of a large, twice that of a breve.

Long 9

Definition: A long sound, syllable, or vowel.

Long 10

Definition: The longest dimension; the greatest extent; in the phrase, the long and the short of it, that is, the sum and substance of it.

Long 11

Definition: To a great extent in apace; as, a long drawn out line.

Long 12

Definition: To a great extent in time; during a long time.

Long 13

Definition: At a point of duration far distant, either prior or posterior; as, not long before; not long after; long before the foundation of Rome; long after the Conquest.

Long 14

Definition: Through the whole extent or duration.

Long 15

Definition: Through an extent of time, more or less; only in question; as, how long will you be gone?

Long 16

Definition: By means of; by the fault of; because of.

Long 17

Definition: To feel a strong or morbid desire or craving; to wish for something with eagerness; followed by an infinitive, or by after or for.

Long 18

Definition: To belong; used with to, unto, or for.

long 19

Definition: a comparatively long time; "this won''t take long"; "they haven''t been gone long"

long 20

Definition: desire strongly or persistently

long 21

Definition: having or being more than normal or necessary:"long on brains"; "in long supply"

long 22

Definition: primarily spatial sense; of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified; "a long road"; "a long distance"; "contained many long words"; "ten miles long"

long 23

Definition: primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified; "a long life"; "a long boring speech"; "a long time"; "a long friendship"; "a long game"; "long ago"; "an hour

long 24

Definition: of speech sounds (especially vowels) of relatively long duration (as e.g. the English vowel sounds in `bate'', `beat'', `bite'', `boat'', `boot'')

long 25

Definition: holding securities or commodities in expectation of a rise in prices; "is long on coffee"; "a long position in gold"

long 26

Definition: planning prudently for the future; "large goals that required farsighted policies"; "took a long view of the geopolitical issues"

long 27

Definition: (of memory) having greater than average range; "a long memory especially for insults"; "a tenacious memory"

long 28

Definition: involving substantial risk; "long odds"

long 29

Definition: used of syllables that are unaccented or of relatively long duration

long 30

Definition: of relatively great height; "a race of long gaunt men"- Sherwood Anderson; "looked out the long French windows"

long 31

Definition: for an extended time or at a distant time; "a promotion long overdue"; "something long hoped for"; "his name has long been forgotten"; "talked all night long"; "how long will you be gone?"; "arrived long before he was expected"; "it is long after your bed

long 32

Definition: for an extended distance


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