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Load 1

Definition: A burden; that which is laid on or put in anything for conveyance; that which is borne or sustained; a weight; as, a heavy load.

Load 2

Definition: The quantity which can be carried or drawn in some specified way; the contents of a cart, barrow, or vessel; that which will constitute a cargo; lading.

Load 3

Definition: That which burdens, oppresses, or grieves the mind or spirits; as, a load of care.

Load 4

Definition: A particular measure for certain articles, being as much as may be carried at one time by the conveyance commonly used for the article measured; as, a load of wood; a load of hay; specifically, five quarters.

Load 5

Definition: The charge of a firearm; as, a load of powder.

Load 6

Definition: Weight or violence of blows.

Load 7

Definition: The work done by a steam engine or other prime mover when working.

Load 8

Definition: To lay a load or burden on or in, as on a horse or in a cart; to charge with a load, as a gun; to furnish with a lading or cargo, as a ship; hence, to add weight to, so as to oppress or embarrass; to heap upon.

Load 9

Definition: To adulterate or drug; as, to load wine.

Load 10

Definition: To magnetize.

load 11

Definition: goods carried by a large vehicle

load 12

Definition: weight to be borne or conveyed

load 13

Definition: electrical device to which electrical power is delivered

load 14

Definition: the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents

load 15

Definition: an onerous or difficult concern; "the burden of responsibility"; "that''s a load off my mind"

load 16

Definition: a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks

load 17

Definition: the power output of a generator or power plant

load 18

Definition: an amount of alcohol sufficient to intoxicate; "he got a load on and started a brawl"

load 19

Definition: a quantity that can be processed or transported at one time; "the system broke down under excessive loads"

load 20

Definition: fill or place a load on; "load a car"; "load the truck with hay"

load 21

Definition: provide with munition; "He loaded his gun carefully"

load 22

Definition: put (something) on a structure or conveyance; "load the bags onto the trucks"


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