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Left 1

Definition: of Leave

Left 2

Definition: of Leave.

Left 3

Definition: Of or pertaining to that side of the body in man on which the muscular action of the limbs is usually weaker than on the other side; opposed to right, when used in reference to a part of the body; as, the left hand, or arm; the left ear. Also said of the corresponding side of the lower animals.

Left 4

Definition: Those members of a legislative assembly (as in France) who are in the opposition; the advanced republicans and extreme radicals. They have their seats at the left-hand side of the presiding officer. See Center, and Right.

left 5

Definition: a turn to the left; "take a left at the corner"

left 6

Definition: the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher''s left

left 7

Definition: the hand that is on the left side of the body; "jab with your left"

left 8

Definition: those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare

left 9

Definition: location near or direction toward the left side; i.e. the side to the north when a person or object faces east; "she stood on the left"

left 10

Definition: of or belonging to the political or intellectual left

left 11

Definition: being or located on or directed toward the side of the body to the west when facing north; "my left hand"; "left center field"; "the left bank of a river is bank on your left side when you are facing downstream"

left 12

Definition: toward or on the left; also used figuratively; "he looked right and left"; "the political party has moved left"


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