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Language 1

Definition: Any means of conveying or communicating ideas; specifically, human speech; the expression of ideas by the voice; sounds, expressive of thought, articulated by the organs of the throat and mouth.

Language 2

Definition: The expression of ideas by writing, or any other instrumentality.

Language 3

Definition: The forms of speech, or the methods of expressing ideas, peculiar to a particular nation.

Language 4

Definition: The characteristic mode of arranging words, peculiar to an individual speaker or writer; manner of expression; style.

Language 5

Definition: The inarticulate sounds by which animals inferior to man express their feelings or their wants.

Language 6

Definition: The suggestion, by objects, actions, or conditions, of ideas associated therewith; as, the language of flowers.

Language 7

Definition: The vocabulary and phraseology belonging to an art or department of knowledge; as, medical language; the language of chemistry or theology.

Language 8

Definition: A race, as distinguished by its speech.

Language 9

Definition: To communicate by language; to express in language.

language 10

Definition: the mental faculty or power of vocal communication; "language sets homo sapiens apart from all other animals"

language 11

Definition: the cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication; "he didn''t have the language to express his feelings"

language 12

Definition: a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "he taught foreign languages"; "the language introduced is standard throughout the text"; "the speed with which a program can be executed depends on the language in which it

language 13

Definition: a system of words used in a particular discipline; "legal terminology"; "the language of sociology"

language 14

Definition: the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number; "his compositions always started with the lyrics"; "he wrote both words and music"; "the song uses colloquial language"

language 15

Definition: (language) communication by word of mouth; "his speech was garbled"; "he uttered harsh language"; "he recorded the spoken language of the streets"


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