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Join 1

Definition: To bring together, literally or figuratively; to place in contact; to connect; to couple; to unite; to combine; to associate; to add; to append.

Join 2

Definition: To unite in marriage.

Join 3

Definition: To enjoin upon; to command.

Join 4

Definition: To accept, or engage in, as a contest; as, to join encounter, battle, issue.

Join 5

Definition: To be contiguous, close, or in contact; to come together; to unite; to mingle; to form a union; as, the hones of the skull join; two rivers join.

Join 6

Definition: The line joining two points; the point common to two intersecting lines.

join 7

Definition: a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets; "let C be the union of the sets A and B"

join 8

Definition: the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made

join 9

Definition: make contact or come together; "The two roads join here"

join 10

Definition: cause to become joined or linked; "join these two parts so that they fit together"

join 11

Definition: become part of; become a member of a group or organization; "He joined the Communist Party as a young man"

join 12

Definition: come into the company of; "She joined him for a drink"

join 13

Definition: be or become joined or united or linked; "The two streets connect to become a highway"; "Our paths joined"; "The travelers linked up again at the airport"


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