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Intimate 1

Definition: Innermost; inward; internal; deep-seated; hearty.

Intimate 2

Definition: Near; close; direct; thorough; complete.

Intimate 3

Definition: Close in friendship or acquaintance; familiar; confidential; as, an intimate friend.

Intimate 4

Definition: An intimate friend or associate; a confidant.

Intimate 5

Definition: To announce; to declare; to publish; to communicate; to make known.

Intimate 6

Definition: To suggest obscurely or indirectly; to refer to remotely; to give slight notice of; to hint; as, he intimated his intention of resigning his office.

intimate 7

Definition: someone to whom private matters are confided

intimate 8

Definition: give to understand; "I insinuated that I did not like his wife"

intimate 9

Definition: imply as a possibility; "The evidence suggests a need for more clarification"

intimate 10

Definition: having mutual interests or affections; of established friendship; "on familiar terms"; "pretending she is on an intimate footing with those she slanders"

intimate 11

Definition: marked by close aquaintance, association, or familiarity; "intimate friend"; "intimate relations between economics, politics, and legal principles" V.L. Parrington

intimate 12

Definition: thoroughly acquainted with through study or experience; "this girl, so intimate with nature"-W.H.Hudson; "knowledgeaIble about the technique of painting"- Herbert Read

intimate 13

Definition: having or fostering a warm or friendly atmosphere; especially through smallness and informality; "had a cozy chat"; "a relaxed informal manner"; "an intimate cocktail lounge"; "the small room was cozy and intimate"

intimate 14

Definition: innermost or essential; "the inner logic of Cubism"; "the internal contradictions of the theory"; "the intimate structure of matter"

intimate 15

Definition: involved in a sexual relationship; "the intimate (or sexual) relations between husband and wife"; "she had been intimate with many men"


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