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Infringe 1

Definition: To break; to violate; to transgress; to neglect to fulfill or obey; as, to infringe a law or contract.

Infringe 2

Definition: To hinder; to destroy; as, to infringe efficacy; to infringe delight or power.

Infringe 3

Definition: To break, violate, or transgress some contract, rule, or law; to injure; to offend.

Infringe 4

Definition: To encroach; to trespass; followed by on or upon; as, to infringe upon the rights of another.

infringe 5

Definition: advance beyond the usual limit

infringe 6

Definition: go against, as of rules and laws; "He ran afould of the law"; "This behavior conflicts with our rules"


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