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Inflame 1

Definition: To set on fire; to kindle; to cause to burn, flame, or glow.

Inflame 2

Definition: Fig.: To kindle or intensify, as passion or appetite; to excite to an excessive or unnatural action or heat; as, to inflame desire.

Inflame 3

Definition: To provoke to anger or rage; to exasperate; to irritate; to incense; to enrage.

Inflame 4

Definition: To put in a state of inflammation; to produce morbid heat, congestion, or swelling, of; as, to inflame the eyes by overwork.

Inflame 5

Definition: To exaggerate; to enlarge upon.

Inflame 6

Definition: To grow morbidly hot, congested, or painful; to become angry or incensed.

inflame 7

Definition: become inflamed; get sore; "His throat inflamed"

inflame 8

Definition: cause inflammation in; "The repetitive motion inflamed her joint"

inflame 9

Definition: arouse or excite feelings and passions; "The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor"; "The refugees'' fate stirred up compassion around the world"; "Wake old feelings of hatred"

inflame 10

Definition: cause to start burning; "The setting sun kindled the sky with oranges and reds"

inflame 11

Definition: catch fire; "The dried grass of the prairie kindled, spreading the flames for miles"


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