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Inferior 1

Definition: Lower in place, rank, excellence, etc.; less important or valuable; subordinate; underneath; beneath.

Inferior 2

Definition: Poor or mediocre; as, an inferior quality of goods.

Inferior 3

Definition: Nearer the sun than the earth is; as, the inferior or interior planets; an inferior conjunction of Mercury or Venus.

Inferior 4

Definition: Below the horizon; as, the inferior part of a meridian.

Inferior 5

Definition: Situated below some other organ; said of a calyx when free from the ovary, and therefore below it, or of an ovary with an adherent and therefore inferior calyx.

Inferior 6

Definition: On the side of a flower which is next the bract; anterior.

Inferior 7

Definition: Junior or subordinate in rank; as, an inferior officer.

Inferior 8

Definition: A person lower in station, rank, intellect, etc., than another.

inferior 9

Definition: a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character

inferior 10

Definition: one of lesser rank or station or quality

inferior 11

Definition: inferior in rank or status; "the junior faculty"; "a lowly corporal"; "petty officialdom"; "a subordinate functionary"

inferior 12

Definition: falling short of some prescribed norm; "substandard housing"

inferior 13

Definition: of or characteristic of low rank or importance

inferior 14

Definition: of low or inferior quality

inferior 15

Definition: having an orbit between the sun and the Earth''s orbit; "Mercury and Venus are inferior planets"

inferior 16

Definition: written or printed below and to one side of another character

inferior 17

Definition: lower than a given reference point; "inferior alveolar artery"


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