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Impact 1

Definition: To drive close; to press firmly together: to wedge into a place.

Impact 2

Definition: Contact or impression by touch; collision; forcible contact; force communicated.

Impact 3

Definition: The single instantaneous stroke of a body in motion against another either in motion or at rest.

impact 4

Definition: influencing strongly; "they resented the impingement of American values on European culture"

impact 5

Definition: the violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat; "the armies met in the shock of battle"

impact 6

Definition: the striking of one body against another

impact 7

Definition: a forceful consequence; a strong effect; "the book had an important impact on my thinking"; "the book packs a wallop"

impact 8

Definition: have an effect upon; "Will the new rules affect me?"

impact 9

Definition: press or wedge together; pack together


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