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Imp 1

Definition: A shoot; a scion; a bud; a slip; a graft.

Imp 2

Definition: An offspring; progeny; child; scion.

Imp 3

Definition: A young or inferior devil; a little, malignant spirit; a puny demon; a contemptible evil worker.

Imp 4

Definition: Something added to, or united with, another, to lengthen it out or repair it, as, an addition to a beehive; a feather inserted in a broken wing of a bird; a length of twisted hair in a fishing line.

Imp 5

Definition: To graft; to insert as a scion.

Imp 6

Definition: To graft with new feathers, as a wing; to splice a broken feather. Hence, Fig.: To repair; to extend; to increase; to strengthen to equip.

imp 7

Definition: (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

imp 8

Definition: one who is playfully mischievous


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