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Icy 1

Definition: Pertaining to, resembling, or abounding in, ice; cold; frosty.

Icy 2

Definition: Characterized by coldness, as of manner, influence, etc.; chilling; frigid; cold.

icy 3

Definition: covered with or containing or consisting of ice; "icy northern waters"

icy 4

Definition: shiny and slick as with a thin coating of ice; "roads and trees glazed with an icy film"

icy 5

Definition: extremely cold; "an arctic climate"; "a frigid day"; "gelid waters of the North Atlantic"; "glacial winds"; "icy hands"; "polar weather"

icy 6

Definition: devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain; "a frigid greeting"; "got a frosty reception"; "a frozen look on their faces"; "a glacial handshake"; "icy stare"; "wintry smile"


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