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Here 1

Definition: Of them; their.

Here 2

Definition: Hair.

Here 3

Definition: See Her, their.

Here 4

Definition: Her; hers. See Her.

Here 5

Definition: In this place; in the place where the speaker is; opposed to there.

Here 6

Definition: In the present life or state.

Here 7

Definition: To or into this place; hither. [Colloq.] See Thither.

Here 8

Definition: At this point of time, or of an argument; now.

here 9

Definition: the present location; this place; "where do we go from here?"

Here 10

Definition: queen of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology; sister and wife of Zeus remembered for her jealously of the many mortal women Zeus fell in love with; identified with Roman Juno

here 11

Definition: in or at this place; where the speaker or writer is; "I work here"; "turn here"; "radio waves received here on Earth"

here 12

Definition: to this place (especially toward the speaker); "come here, please"

here 13

Definition: in this circumstance or respect or on this point or detail; "what do we have here?"; "here I must disagree"

here 14

Definition: at this time; now; "we''ll adjourn here for lunch and discuss the remaining issues this afternoon"


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