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Harmony 1

Definition: The just adaptation of parts to each other, in any system or combination of things, or in things, or things intended to form a connected whole; such an agreement between the different parts of a design or composition as to produce unity of effect; as, the harmony of the universe.

Harmony 2

Definition: Concord or agreement in facts, opinions, manners, interests, etc.; good correspondence; peace and friendship; as, good citizens live in harmony.

Harmony 3

Definition: A literary work which brings together or arranges systematically parallel passages of historians respecting the same events, and shows their agreement or consistency; as, a harmony of the Gospels.

Harmony 4

Definition: A succession of chords according to the rules of progression and modulation.

Harmony 5

Definition: The science which treats of their construction and progression.

Harmony 6

Definition: See Harmonic suture, under Harmonic.

harmony 7

Definition: compatibility in opinion and action

harmony 8

Definition: an agreeable sound property

harmony 9

Definition: the structure of music with respect to the composition and progression of chords

harmony 10

Definition: agreement of opinions

harmony 11

Definition: a harmonious state of things in general and of their properties (as of colors and sounds); congruity of parts with one another and with the whole


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