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Hackle 1

Definition: A comb for dressing flax, raw silk, etc.; a hatchel.

Hackle 2

Definition: Any flimsy substance unspun, as raw silk.

Hackle 3

Definition: One of the peculiar, long, narrow feathers on the neck of fowls, most noticeable on the cock, often used in making artificial flies; hence, any feather so used.

Hackle 4

Definition: An artificial fly for angling, made of feathers.

Hackle 5

Definition: To separate, as the coarse part of flax or hemp from the fine, by drawing it through the teeth of a hackle or hatchel.

Hackle 6

Definition: To tear asunder; to break in pieces.

hackle 7

Definition: long slender feather on the necks of e.g. turkeys and pheasants

hackle 8

Definition: comb with a heckle; "heckle hemp or flax"


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