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Giant 1

Definition: A man of extraordinari bulk and stature.

Giant 2

Definition: A person of extraordinary strength or powers, bodily or intellectual.

Giant 3

Definition: Any animal, plant, or thing, of extraordinary size or power.

Giant 4

Definition: Like a giant; extraordinary in size, strength, or power; as, giant brothers; a giant son.

giant 5

Definition: any creature of exceptional size

giant 6

Definition: an unusually large enterprise; "Walton built a retail giant"

giant 7

Definition: a very bright star of large diameter and low density (relative to the Sun)

giant 8

Definition: an imaginary figure of superhuman size and strength; appears in folklore and fair tales

giant 9

Definition: a person of exceptional importance and reputation

giant 10

Definition: someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful

giant 11

Definition: a very large person; impressive in size or qualities

giant 12

Definition: of great mass; huge and bulky; "a jumbo jet"; "jumbo shrimp"


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